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Pets hit the runway in DFW Humane Society’s costume contest

I had to post this because the Italian Greyhounds in the picture look like my dogs Charlotte and Windy that pasted away a few years ago. We used to dress up our dogs for Halloween and they didn’t really like it, but they tolerated it in their Italian Greyhound way. You can read the article

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The perfect pooch for Greyhound Pub owner

It is nice to see an Italian Greyhounds enjoying life and having a nice owner. The 12-week-old Italian greyhound now resides at The Greyhound Pub in Halton after landlord Colin Scott decided there could only be one type of dog for the premises. Read the article here.

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Greyhound goes nuts over iPad game

I don’t know if I would let my Italian Greyhound near my iPad. I would think the screen would get scratched. You can click on the link and see the video of an Italian Greyhound enjoying a fish game. Read the article here.

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