Charlotte standing guard Welcome to the FAQ section. I hope to cover every question you might have about the Italian Greyhound. If you have a question not covered here, Please send me an email at info@iggies.org

Are they hard to house train?

My experience with Italian Greyhound is it depends on the personality of the dog and how old they are when you start. I have found that if you can stick to a schedule you will have success.

You can’t expect them to be locked up all day and hold it. They also hate the rain and cold and going outside in the weather doesn’t appeal to them. It helps to also train the Italian Greyhound to use a pee pad when needed.

How long do they live?

The normal life span of an Italian Greyhound is 14 – 16 years. It is not unusual to hear Italian Greyhound living 17 and 18 years.

How big do they get?

13? to 15? at the shoulders is ideal for the show ring. The average
weight is eight to 12 pounds. Larger ones (17? or 18?) are fairly
common and make great pets.